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Welcome to the hanseatic town of Wismar

...beautiful Wismar

Come and see the old but lively small town on the Baltic Coast with all its interesting sights, ancient architectural heritage, impressive culture, stories and unique flair. Wismar is surrounded by delightfully vibrant green countryside which stands out in contrast to the luscious blue of the Baltic Sea and the yellow sandy beaches.

A place full of romantic charm...

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Wismar is particularly well-known for its harbour and traditional shipping and fishing industries. The many historic buildings and houses in the centre have been carefully restored to their original hanseatic style. Today these buildings house the small cafés, restaurants and hotels that give Wismar its characteristic romantic charm, as do the magnificent red-brick gothic churches, the unique market square and, most importantly, the friendly local people that welcome so many visitors to their town every year.

...in an ideal location

Wismar is located in the Bay of Wismar, sheltered by the island of Poel. It lies on the southern edge of the Baltic between Lübeck to the West and Rostock to the East and North of the state capital Schwerin. From every perspective the historic structures of “St. Nikolai” and “St. Georgen” churches and the tower of “St. Marien” awaken your curiosity.

A combination of fresh Baltic air, old traditions and a lively atmosphere

The combination of old and modern is what makes Wismar so special. It is an exciting place for young people and students of the university “Hochschule Wismar”, who enliven the town’s streets. Economically, Wismar's character is still one of maritime trade and the shipping industry, although tourism and modern technology are increasingly significant areas of economic interest.