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Group Offer 2015 - Activities

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Harbour Cruises and Excursions

Capacities up to 230 people
Harbour cruises
Excursions to the island of Poel
Gastronomy on board

Adler Schiffe 2015


Who does not know the pleasures of a good beer? The people of Wismar discovered it long time ago. There were 182 breweries in Wismar by the 15th centrury already and their beer was sold along the trade routes in Europe. The most famous one, "Mumme", a dark strong beer, is produced in Wismar´s last brewery still alive today. Tourists can taste some of the homegrown beers and schnapps and even get informative presentations from the brewmaster on the production process.

Capacities up to 450 guests
live-music on saturdays
situated directly to the old habour
beer and schnaps from own production, typical German food
rustic interieur

Brewery Gastronomy 2015


Far away from Germany´s famous winegrowing areas along the Rhineland or Platinate in the south, the northernmost sparkling wine cellars of Germany are in Wismar! Tourist groupscan book presentations with the cellar master, who introduce the traditional Champagne method - the same fermention method as the French. The shows are combined with snacks of bread and cheese and are available for groups of up to 50 participants.

For groups from 10 up to 60 persons
Presentation of the traditional way of sparkling wine-production (Champagne-method)

Winecellar 2015

Museum - phanTechnikum

Capacities up to 25 people
Presentation of the topics fire, water, air and ground
Laboratory with demonstration

phanTechnikum 2015

Sight-Seeing Tour

Wismar´s unique cultural treasures are its magnificent buildings in the historic city centre, only a short walk away from the cruise ships moorage. Tourists can discover one of the best-preserved medieval town centres in northern Germany, which is now under the UNESCO World Heritage, on foot or in buses. The monumental brick churches are unique instances of the famous sacred architecture of the southern Baltic region.

Guided Tour 2015