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Whether it is the Egyptian pyramids, the Grand Canyon in the USA or India's Taj Mahal – there is one thing these unique natural and cultural monuments have in common with the Hanseatic Town of Wismar: they are significant cultural or artistic treasures, certified as being of "outstanding universal value", and as such worthy of preservation for future generations. Today, over 980 sites belong to the UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity.

2002- Added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

Those who set off on the trail to discover Wismar's rich and unique history will find it's many traces, starting here!

Further information about the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Wismar and Stralsund can be found here:



A collection of overviews, implementation measures, planning concepts and reports.

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The UNESCO Expert's Forum for the Hanseatic Town of Wismar

The Sachverständigenbeirat (Expert's Forum) is an independent panel of experts that advises the Hanseatic Town of Wismar regarding the development of its world heritage. Its aim is to maintain both the urban landscape and architectural culture of the town to the highest standards, as well as avoiding disadvantageous developments in town planning and architectural / historical monument preservation.

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UNESCO-Brief – The Newsletter of the Hanseatic Towns of Wismar & Stralsund

Editions of the so-called UNESCO-Briefe (UNESCO Newsletter) can be downloaded via the following link. Please note, the newsletters are only in German. 


Discover the joint World Heritage of Wismar & Stralsund

From June 2013 a new publication in brochure format - currently only in German - enables visitors to take individual tours through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historic centres of Wismar and Stralsund.

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