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Information for coach drivers

Access to Wismar town centre from the South is via B 106/ A20 - Schwerin and from the West via B105 – Lübeck. Access from the east /Rostock via B105 is prohibited for vehicles over 12tons. Our recommendation: Take the A20 to junction 8 “Wismar Mitte” then follow signs to town centre (“Zentrum”) . Vehicles over 10m in total length are prohibited from driving around the market square, i.e. no access to Hotel Reuterhaus, Hotel Stadt Hamburg, Rathaus, Tourist Information etc.. There is no set-down in the market square.

Parking Area for Buses

Parking Area A

When planning a guided tour in Wismar please arrange for us to allocate you a meeting point on one of the designated coach parking places.
Where possible, please signify in advance a prominent feature of your coach e.g. inscription, number plate etc. so as to avoid confusion between tour groups meeting at the same place.

For the sake of the environment please avoid leaving the engine running unnecessarily. Annoyance caused by exhaust and noise pollution leads to intolerance towards coach tourism which is not in your or our long-term interest.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wismar.

Tourist Information Office Wismar