The special circumstances surrounding Wismar's town churches

St. Nikolai

St. Nikolai Church stands besides one of Germany's oldest manmade waterways, the Frischen Grube, and was dedicated as the church for sailors and fishermen. At 37m (121 ft), the nave is almost the height of the highest nave in sacred brick Gothic architecture, that of the Marienkirche in Lübeck. The protruding northern and southern vestibules that resemble the arms of a transept are also a particular feature of the church. The lavishly adorned southern gable takes a special place in art of brick construction due to its wealth of glazed figured bricks. From St. Nikolai's medieval interior decoration survives a late-thirteenth century granite baptismal font and a maritime altarpiece made in the early nineteenth century, but the church's interior is chiefly characterized by completely preserved baroque furnishings. Approximately 6 million Euro in renovation and preventative maintenance has been invested by the municipality in St. Nikolai, which is used exclusively and free of charge by the Lutheran parish congregation.

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