The special circumstances surrounding Wismar's town churches

The Foundation Trustees

The constituent session of the Board of Trustees convened on January 11th 2010 in Wismar's Town Hall. The biannual sessions are not public, as per procedural rules.

The Board of Foundation Trustees are responsible for strategic policy making decisions. An important function of the board is its active part in sufficiently increasing the foundation's endowment to enable its long term independence from municipal budgetary allocations, thus fulfilling the foundation's purpose in a lasting and sustainable manner. The Board of Foundation Trustees may not issue any instructions to the custodians in relation to the day-to-day administration of the foundation. The board accompanies and oversees the management of the foundation's funds and can demand at any time information regards any processes pertaining to the foundation, or access to any of the foundation administration's documentation.

Furthermore the board is responsible for decision-making in the following areas: policy recommendations to further the foundations's mission, the approval of the business plan, the approval of the annual accounts and the consent to the disposition of foundation assets.

Every member of the Board of Trustees is entitled and indeed obligated to demand the dutiful management of the foundation's endowment and the restitution of any losses suffered. Members of the Board of Trustees who deliberately or recklessly neglect their duties are bound to reimburse any resulting damages caused thereby. 


The members of the Board of Foundation Trustees are currently as follows:

Herr Thomas Beyer (Mayor of the Hanseatic Town of Wismar)

Herr René Domke (member of the Bürgerschaft),

Herr Gerhard Eichhorn (representative of the Deutschen Stiftung Denkmalschutz)

Herr Dr. med. Uwe Hoot (member of the Bürgerschaft)

Herrn Roland Kargel (member of the Bürgerschaft)

Herrn Manuel Krastel (appointed by the Bürgerschaft)

Frau Prof. Dr. Sabine Mönch-Kalina (member of the Bürgerschaft)

Herr Gerhard Pentz (representative of the Lutheran Church Parishes of Wismar)

Herr Wolfgang Rickert (member of the Bürgerschaft)

Herr Dr. Karl-Matthias Siegert (Provost of the Lutheran Church Region Mecklenburg)

Frau Sabine Sturbeck (member of the Bürgerschaft)


The board, with the mayor as chairman, convenes biannually.


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