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Wismar – Places of Interest

Become acquainted with Wismar's landmarks – a town that is a port, hanseatic cultural centre and world heritage site, all in one.

Perhaps you are interested in experiencing Wismar virtually – on the following pages you'll find both 360° panoramas and a picture gallery with photos of our beautiful town.

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Wismar's Churches

Those historical structures in Wismar that have survived to the present day are a testament to the political and economic importance (as well as astounding wealth) of the town in the Middle Ages; not least the six monumental brick churches which form a unique cross-section of the  famed sacred Gothic architecture of the Hanseatic towns in the Baltic region.

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Wismar's History

History is a collection of stories collection of stories ‑ and Wismar has many to offer. On the following pages you'll find the town chronicle, a history of Wismar in the Hanseatic and Swedish eras and everything you need to know about Wismar's brick Gothic architecture.

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Wismar's Citizens

Interested in knowing something about notable people who lived and worked in Wismar? We have gathered here for you information about Wismar's historical figures and its honorary citizens.

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Wismar and UNESCO World Heritage

In 2002 Wismar was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Those who set off on the trail to discover Wismar's rich and unique history will find its many traces, starting here!

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Wismar - Useful Information

Looking for further information about Wismar? Here you can find out about Wismar's twinned towns and the various foundations and societies in Wismar, as well as the town's coat-of-arms and logo.

Are you looking for a particular street in Wismar? Find your way there using our town map.


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