Exclusion of liability

Services provided by the tourist information centre Wismar

Any service provider of accomodation, catering or leisure facilites is committed to and responsible for the probity, completeness and fulfillment of the services described by the service provider.

The publisher claims no responsibility for the quality or nature of the services described, nor for any changes made by the service providers at a later date.

The legal relationship remains solely between the service provider and the customer.

Exclusion of liability for accomodation service

Where a room booking is made on the website www.wismar.de, the Tourist Information office acts as the sole agent. After the booking confirmation has been received by the customer, a binding contract of accommodation is concluded between the customer and the accomodation provider. This transaction is the responsilbility of the customer and the service provider. The tourist information centre accepts no responsibility for the provision, quality or content of the service.

Exclusion of liability Travel cancellation insurance


On the website www.wismar.de the tourist information centre Wismar provides a reservation service. Where a customer wishes to book a service for hotel accommodation or holiday home rental, the booking is passed on to the service provider (hotel, bed and breakfast or landlord) and, if accepted, the customer and service provider enter into a legally binding contract.

As part of this service, a link to the travel cancellation insurance service of Die Europäische Reiseversicherung AG is provided on the website www.wismar.de. If a customer uses the link to electronically book travel cancellation insurance on the suggested website, a contract will be concluded on confirmation of the contract by the customer between the customer and Die Europäische Reiseversichering AG and remains the responsibility of those two parties.

The tourist information centre Wismar accepts no responsibility for the quality of service offered on the website of Die Europäische Reiseversicherung AG and is not liable for compensation for possible inadequate service in connection with the insurance contract unless caused by attributable reckless premeditated conduct by the Hansestadt Wismar.

The town is not liable where a customer makes a binding reservation for accommodation as well as a binding offer for an insurance contract where no such contract for accommodation is concluded, forasmuch the conclusion of an insurance contract without having produced a binding booking confirmation by the service provider is deemed to be at the customer’s own risk.


Group Offers

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