Exhibition - Wismar's Red Brick Gothic

St. Marien Church, Wismar – Church Tower

St. Marien, the former main church of Wismar (and church of the town council) was constructed in the early 14th century to plans made by the master builder Johann Grote, and was twice as large and tall as the original church on the site. It once counted amongst the most beautiful of sacred brick Gothic structures in Northern Germany

On the night of the 14th-15th of April 1945, the three-aisled basilica was heavily damaged by an air raid. Although it would have been possible to repair the damage, the main body of the church was demolished by controlled explosion in 1960.

Today 'only' the 80m (262 ft.) high tower remains of St. Marien Church, serving as a both an emblem and a landmark of the Hanseatic Town of Wismar.

Its twelve bells ring as ever to announce church services, as well as proclaiming to the town every quarter of an hour the time of day. The dials of the tower clock have a diameter of 5m (16ft.), and the clockwork chimes with one of fourteen hymns every 12, 3 and 7pm.

Restored several years ago, the three chapels located in the base of the church tower now host concerts, exhibitions and other events - most notably in the summer seasons since 2002 the exhibition Wismar's Red Brick Gothic.


Exhibition: Introduction to «Red Brick Gothic»

The brick as building material

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