Exhibition - Wismar's Red Brick Gothic

St. Marien Wismar - the exhibition Wismar's Red Brick Gothic

Nikolai, St. Marien and St. Georgen – are visible from both land and see for miles around.

Using St. Marien Church as an example, visitors can experience the techniques used in mediaeval brick Gothic construction and handcraft:

The site of the future St. Marien is marked by bustling activity: bricks are being moulded and  dried. The walls and pillars of a nave grow upwards. The treadwheel demonstrates how the  workers heaved the stones to the dizzying heights of the scaffolding. But who organised such a substantial building site? How was it financed? What sort of artisans and craftsmen participated in the construction? How was the interior of the church furnished and decorated?

The highlight of the exhibition is a 3D film presentation

The highlight of the exhibition is a 3D film presentation that encompasses all the exhibition's elements in its storyline, taking the visitor on an impressive journey into history. Witness virtually how St. Marien came to be, from the survey of the site to the production of the brick used, from the erecting of the scaffolding through to the construction of the walls and vaulting. One is so near to the action it almost seems palpable - and leaves one awestruck, viewing the Gothic structures in the town through new eyes.

3D film presentation